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How DriveNow Works

Easy. When you need a car, just pick one up at any of our DriveNow stations in the Bay Area or on the street in select San Francisco neighborhoods.
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Unbelievable Rates

It’s way cheaper than renting a car because you can pay by the minute or by one flat rate for 24hrs.
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DriveNow vehicles are now available for pick up/drop off on the streets in select neighborhoods in San Francisco. Check the website map or app for the vehicle nearest you.

“Being able to end my reservation on the street is awesome.”

“There was a BMW ActiveE available on the street outside my door, I loved it!”

"I love my bike, but not for a first date."

"My parents were knocked out when I rolled up in a BMW."

"Pretty cool to get membership for life."

"Only $12 from SFO to the Ferry Building. What beats that?"

"It does everything a BMW does, except use gas."

"DriveNow is more like Drive Wow."

Repent your emissions.

Once you get off that carbon-creating jet at SFO or OAK, get into a 100% electric, 100% emissions-free DriveNow BMW ActiveE. You'll not only feel better about yourself, you'll feel better about life in the silent comfort of this advanced technology BMW.

Take off from SFO or OAK.

Just grab your DriveNow BMW at either place you land. At SFO, jump on the shuttle to Skypark. Voila. At OAK, it’s just as easy. Get in the bus to Expresso (honest, that’s the name at long-term parking) swipe your card and drive off in a 100% electric, 100% emissions-free BMW.

Go conference crashing.

It’s the perfect car for that one-day business trip down the Peninsula. It’s 100% electric so it fits the Silicon Valley vibe. It’s one-of-a-kind, which makes heads turn. And with an 80 – 100 mile range, you can get there and back on one charge.

Dine in the East Bay.

There are great restaurants all over Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville. The perfect place for a special night and the perfect car to go in. A no-emissions, 100% electric BMW. Can’t get any greener in a place where that matters as much as good food.


Hop into a DriveNow BMW, cruise across the Golden Gate Bridge and loop around to the Marin Headlands. Pick a nice spot to pull over. You’ll watch the sun set in the Pacific while the lights twinkle on in the City. Nothing like it.